Whitest Taino Alive @ Transglobal


Whitest Taíno Alive takes everything that makes the island’s city-life vibe, with the universal language of heavy beats under the local lingo of Santo Domingo.

On production, we have Cohoba, a bastion of multicultural references, that has represented the DR in the musical melting pot that is the Red Bull Music Academy. The approach he has to mixing all his influences
is on point, with that hip-hop groove, electronic sharpness and precision, plus that ‘sazón’ and that swing you just can’t escape from in the caribbean.

On the mic we’ve got Jon Blon Jovi (Haru), who’s been around as a dj for more than 15 years, co-founder of the OndaSonora dj collective and 28°C, two of the biggest names in the dominican party scene and
Dominicanye West (César Pineda), a drummer, bass player, singer and sound engineer, who’s worked on various projects, that include rock, fusion, metal and hip hop.

The duo spits rhymes with a reason, the play on words keeps on going until you forget it’s a game. It’s all about telling it like it is, without really saying that much. Trying to follow, if you can’t keep up, is futile
and in the end, it’s for you to have some fun with it. The modern-classic dominican flow, it’s educational, really, and after a few listens, you can’t help but to feel a bit more “dominicano” yourself.



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