UrbangTV 3rd Anniversary


Celebrating 3 years of stories, good memories and success!

UrbangTV was founded under the idea of creating an space were the voice of our local talents could be heard and seen, not only locally but internationally and we feel fortune enough for participating in more than 350 dj session and over 120 events in the last 3 years.

Our motivation has always been all our local underground Djs who dedicate most of their time to create, perform and promote House Music. We believe in the power of music to communicate love, freedom, unity, respect and we are definitely sure that in this world of madness is what we need the most.

This is a day that we will not only celebrate a third anniversary. We will celebrate 3 years of accomplishments of the Underground scene, our team, associates but most important, our local artist.

Be our guest!

Line up:
Alex young

Guacara Taína – The Cave
October, 14th 2016