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Speaking of techno in the Dominican Republic, it is not uncommon to hear the name Robert Heyaime. It is one of the pioneers of the dark and elaborate style. His music stands out thanks to its impeccable selection of tracks in combination with strong mixing technique. His music projects energy, mysticism, and class. From a young age, this DJ and producer associated with music, going to parties, concerts and events where electronic music was the main point, which aroused great curiosity for him to learn to play and create his personal style. He gradually build a base and then established as one of the main profiles of the local techno. Later, he was invited to be part of the collective Massivegroove in New York City, and Phantom Deck Records, Santo Domingo.

After establishing his career, he goes to play in several venues in Miami, New York and Dominican Republic. He has successfully share platform with artists such as Carlo Lio, Andrea Frisina, Sian, Butane, Baez, D-formation, Dani Sbert, Alland Byallo, Audiofly, Mike Bryant, Dani Lehman, David Hollands, Cylo. Besides being a DJ and producer, Robert Heyaime is a party promoter under the name Groove Corporation. He is also creator of the record label Psychotic Behaviour, one of the most prestigious in the Dominican town. His musical contributions have also been launched by Sundown Records and 9191 Ultrasonic Recordings.


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